Residential Design

We incorporate the latest energy smart and environmentally responsible ideas and technologies in the designs we create for new custom homes, affordable starter homes, and additions, renovations and retrofits.

As an independent designer, we offer you the advantage of total control of your project.

Second Floor Overview

When you call a builder before you have a design, there’s no real way of knowing if the price you’re quoted will be based on what you want to build, or what the builder “thinks” you want.  If you contract with a “design-build” contractor, you might like the plan, but you’ll be locked in to a price without the opportunity to competitively bid the plan he generates.

We work with you directly to create a design that reflects your needs and wants.  Your ideas, combined with our design expertise form the basis for a set of plans that can be competitively bid by more than one builder.  We also provide the necessary detail to ensure that your job will be built to be both cost and energy efficient, no matter who builds it.

Our goal is to provide you a professional set of plans at a reasonable fee, a fee you should be able to recover with savings on construction costs, and ultimately, in reduced energy usage.

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