Residential Services

New home design

House-PlansWhether you are starting from scratch, or have a floor plan in mind that needs to be modified to meet your needs, we can help you design your dream home. Our designers bring over 30 years of new home construction, remodeling, project management and job estimating to the table. Our years of hands-on experience assure you that your dreams will be translated into plans that really work, and into a home that is durable, safe and efficient.

Renovation and Addition design

We provide a thorough, builder’s eye survey of your home to fully understand the most practical and affordable way to renovate or add living space.  Our work can be seen in historic districts, waterfront communities, urban neighborhoods and country estates.


Energy Efficient ConstructionGoing “GREEN” with housing not only conserves resources in the environment, but saves homeowners money in utility bills and can improve a homes indoor air quality. Green home solutions look at the house as a whole, evaluating everything from energy usage to moisture intrusion. A well designed green home will utilize durable materials, use cost effective measures to save energy, and use materials and details that keep out moisture, mold and allergens to make a healthier indoor environment.

Energy Star Certification

Energy Star Homes are certified to meet high standards of energy efficiency, quality, and durability. Plus, Energy Star certification can lead to tax credits and rebates for both home builders and home owners. Certifying a project can lead to savings up front and in the long term.

Existing home energy audits

Hot in the summer? Cold floors or rooms in the winter? Chesapeake Green Building & Design uses state-of-the-art equipment to test and remedy energy-wasting problem areas in your home – including heating/cooling equipment, insulation, air leakage, as well as windows, lighting and appliances.

Affordable Green house plans

We also specialize in smaller, high efficiency affordable home designs, featuring the leatest building techniques and materials to assure you of long term comfort and lower utility bills. Look for our growing portfolio of low energy footprint designs.

Contractor services

IECC Energy Testing

The 2012 IRC code incorporates the 2012 IECC (International Energy Conservation Code). In jurisdictions where the 2012 code has been adopted, there are provisions for whole house blower door testing and duct leakage testing. Alternatively, the performance path, which involves computer modeling of energy use, is required before a final inspection is performed. Chesapeake Green Building & Design has the experience to guide you through this process and complete the test-out requirements. We have completed hundreds of duct blast and blower door tests. We can quickly and efficiently pinpoint problems and suggest time and cost effective solutions.

  • Whole House Blower Door Testing
  • Duct Blaster Total Duct Leakage Testing
  • Energy Modeling and HERS scores